Risk Management

Malath pays critical attention to risk management. Through our expert examiners and risk managers, we offer the best solutions to guarantee protection and assurance. Our team of experts and professionals recommend precautionary measures in order to prevent actual hazard.

Insurance Consultation

Malath provides appropriate insurance solutions and consultation that meet the needs of its clients by identifying their various activities up to a precision. Our continuous contact with our clients serves to help us identify the insurance products that are the most appropriate for them, which will thereafter provide them with protection and peace of mind.


In addition to Malath’s proficiency at financial solvency, the company maintains eminent business relations with an exceptional assembly of top international reinsurance companies and brokers, with high financial classifications such as:

  • Munich Re Rating AA– (By S&P).
  • Swiss Re Rating AA- (By S&P).

This relation enables the company to acquire the best services, impeccable securities and immediate responses available within these markets, which ultimately serves to benefit our partners.