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Medical Insurance program for SME

Malath Insurance introduce its new Medical Insurance program for Small & Medium Establishments, considered to be the perfect health insurance solution, as it is developed to meet their needs in terms of benefits, budget, health benefits and quick services.
SME program has a various number of plans and classes which are available to suit the choice of yours. It covers all of Saudi and Non-Saudi employees and their families.

SME Medical Insurance program is characterized by the below advantages:
  • Instant quotation and issuance of policy including cards, contract and CCHI upload after approval
  • Online medical approval
  • SMS services for each action on policy
  • Reimbursement wire transfer Through the Banking transfer
  • Quick all-week-long support through  customer service center 

This program is a complaint with CCHI and offers additional upgraded benefits for higher classes as per employer's interests.

Subscribing to this program is easily
doable through all Malath Branches & Sales Points across KSA, and is characterized by instant quoting, quick issuance of policy and cards along with immediate CCHI upload.

Health Insurance

We provide the best and most comprehensive healthcare Insurance programs to all managerial levels for individuals, groups, and companies. This coverage is tailored in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) implemented in Saudi Arabia, which includes the following two types of health insurance:

  • Group health insurance - grants for the staff of institutions, bodies and companies in the form of a group contract.

We feature medical care, services and related expenses as per the following agreed scope of coverage:

  • In-patient Coverage - includes accommodation, doctor fees, surgery and treatment of emergency cases.
  • Out-patient coverage - includes doctor visits, medicines and diagnosis.
  • Comprehensive coverage - includes the cost of treatment for in-and out-patients.

The above-listed programs provide individuals and their families the best health treatment at any medical center in the Saudi Kingdom approved by Malath and CCHI. In addition, Malath allocates a specialized health department, continuously works towards better development and advancement, and is dedicated to ensure the highest standards and optimum level of services.

Motor Insurance

Malath provides various comprehensive motor insurance coverage programs. Our insurance policy enables the repair of auto-related damages through our selected repair facilities and reputable network of professional facilities that have been chosen to meet our high standards. Our motor insurance policy covers damages resulting from all risks including theft, fire and natural perils.

Malath services are extended to cover the liability of third parties who have suffered loss as result of damaged property and personal injury or death.

In addition, Malath policies cover the legalliability of insured passengers and provides the option of extending the protection coverage to other Arab countries. We also provide a temporary replacement vehicle until the insured damaged vehicle is repaired.

Some of our other unique coverage packages include:

  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy.
  • Own Damage only Motor Insurance Policy.

Engineering Insurance

Our most common insurance policy, the Contractor’s All Risks Policy, provides a wide range of coverage against loss or damage to engineering projects including construction plants, equipment and construction machinery. The policy also provides protection to contractors from legal liabilities to any third parties.

Engineering Insurance also provides various insurance programs, including:

  • Contractors all Risks Insurance.
  • Erection all Risks Insurance.
  • Contractors' Plant and Machinery Insurance.
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance.
  • Machinery Loss of Profit Insurance.
  • Boiler and Pressure vessels Insurance.
  • Deterioration of Stock Insurance (Cold Storages).
  • Computer and Electronic Equipment Insurance.

Property Insurance

Malath takes great pride to innovate and provide tailored coverage programs against miscellaneous accidents through customized solution and offers various policies, which are comprehensive in coverage to cater ever increasing exposures. 
Such programs offer full protection against all the arising expenses and liabilities of numerous unexpected exposures.

We offer the following miscellaneous insurance plans:

  • Comprehensive General Liability Insurance.
  • Product Liability Insurance.
  • Money insurance In transit/in Safes.
  • Personal Accident Insurance.
  • International Travel Insurance.
  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance.
  • Glass Insurance.
  • Workmen Compensation and employers Liability Insurance.
  • Burglary Insurance.
  • Medical Malpractice Insurance.

Marine Hull Insurance

This policy provides customers with comprehensive insurance coverage programs to protect all types of vessels starting from the huge oil tanker, gas tankers to goods carrier and ships carrying people, as well as offering specific coverage programs against the risks pertaining to yachts, small boats and private marine vessels. The policy provides coverage against any loss or damage to hull and machinery of the vessel due to natural disasters such as sinking, fires, collision, in addition to third-party liability.

Marine Cargo Insurance

This policy provides comprehensive and flexible marine cargo programs to protect goods & belongings during transportation from natural disasters, such as sinking, fires and collision. This coverage is provided through a set of marine insurance policies that include the following:

  • Marine Cargo Insurance Open Coverage - open policy (usually one year).
  • Marine Cargo Insurance Policy - for single consignment.
  • Inland Transit Insurance Policies.

Miscellaneous Accident Insurance

Malath takes great pride in its history of innovation and ability to provide tailored coverage programs against miscellaneous accidents. Through our customized solutions and various policies, we are able to provide comprehensive coverage that caters to ever increasing exposures. Such programs offer full protection against the expenses and liabilities of numerous unexpected exposures.

We offer the following miscellaneous insurance plans:

  • Personal Accident Insurance.
  • Travel Accident Insurance.
  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance.
  • Money Insurance.
  • Workmen Compensation Insurance.
  • Plate Glass Insurance.
  • Burglary Insurance.
  • Comprehensive General Liability Insurance.
  • Product Liability Insurance.
  • Triple B Insurance (for banks).

Travel Insurance

The travel insurance policy from Malath offers coverage against losses suffered during the insured travel. Our policy offers the insured individual peace of mind, along with the following benefits:

  • Medical Emergency Expenses.
  • In-patient Medical Expenses.
  • Personal Public Liability.
  • Cancellation/Curtailment of Trip.
  • Missed Departure.
  • Personal Properties (loss of baggage/delayed baggage and loss of personal money).
  • Personal Accidents.
  • Credit Card Reimbursement for Purchases Abroad in Case of Death.

Malath also offers the benefit of the travel insurance policy through two plans:

  • Short-Term Plan: Coverage of a single trip.
  • Annual plan: Coverage of any number of short-term trips during the entire year.

Three schemes fall under the above-listed plans, which have been put in place to meet every client’s needs:

  1. Worldwide (including the U.S. and Canada).
  2. Worldwide (excluding the U.S. and Canada).
  3. European Union countries (Schengen).

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Malath launched the Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy out of its belief in the importance of the medical profession in the Saudi Kingdom, and to provide more needed support and assistance to doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, technicians, and all other medical groups. This insurance policy meets the needs of hospitals, clinics, and care-nursing homes and ensures tranquility and peace of mind for their business.

Coverage provided under this policy includes:

  • Medical Malpractice - This includes any bodily or mental injury, illness, disease, or death of any patient as a result of negligence or fault in providing proper medical treatment.
  • Third Party Liability - This includes any bodily or mental injury, illness, disease, or death of any person, caused by the performance of the insured individual during employment within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This policy also includes all the defense costs incurred.