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About Investor Relations

Dear Investor,

The Investor Relations Department aims to create an open and effective communication channel between Malath and its shareholders by providing the required information, maintaining records, and responding to inquiries.

With the objective of complete transparency, this department’s role is to disclose essential information to the supervisory authorities for the purpose of maintaining the company’s image and reputation.

To Contact Investors Relations Department:

Tel: +96611 - 4168222

Fax: +96611 - 4168333

E-mail: malath@malath.com.sa

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Road (Tahlia)

P. O. Box 99763, Riyadh 11625

Rating Report

On 2014 Standard and Poor’s rating Malath Cooperative Insurance BBB+ with positive view, based on achievements of 2015. Moreover, Standard and Poor’s expected bright future for the company’s business in terms of financial capacity to meet their obligations and to increase profit and strengthen its position in Saudi Market. Standard & Poor’s report was based on improving the competitive position of the company’s and remarkable growth in total revenue which heading up year after year until reach over One Billion Saudi Riyals in 2014.

Internal governance regulation

Malath cooperative insurance Company advanced to launch Malath code of governance which include the terms of appointment and the term of membership and the style of work emanating from Board of Directors, to make it the main reference to the Shareholders - Board of Directors - Executive Management and Malath employees .

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Rights Issue Prospectus

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